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4.1 Equipment

Advanced Equipment

Novum Membranes is committed to further investment in quality production equipment, material handling systems and new green technologies in order to continuously improve quality, efficiency and sustainability.

  • Material Quality: In addition to supplier certification, all incoming material is visually checked for quality prior to fabrication. An oversized 5.5 m x 1.2 m light table is illuminated to detect variances in non-transparent material.
  • Automated CNC Layout Table:  High-tech software processes DXF data direct from engineering output, directing the optimal cutting of single layer material into unique subcomponent shapes. A vacuum table secures the membrane material in place while cutting to ensure the highest precision accuracy. The revolving conveyer feed allows very long single cuts of membrane strips up to 2.5 m wide.
  • ETFE Welding - Thermal Fusion:  The facility currently houses three travelling ETFE welding machines which use heated welding beams to fuse precut subcomponent material into large, custom shapes. Working at an average welding speed of 2.5 m per minute, the machines can create welded seams of unlimited lengths. Using industry leading technology, the welding equipment drives along special 40 m long tables. Although welds are typically linear, our skilled technicians can also make curved seams.
  • PVC Welding - High Frequency:  Two high frequency machines weld PVC using microwave technology. Electrode choice is driven by material and function. A rail-mounted machine drives along a 26 m long table. A state-of-the-art fully mobile machine is especially useful for designs which incorporate out of plane architectural features, such as pockets, and for seams with unique geometry.
  • PTFE Welding - Thermal Fusion:  Two mobile thermal fusion welding presses use heat contact to weld PTFE. A motor-driven welder with a 1400 mm welding beam is used for welding straight or slightly curved seams to unlimited lengths. Shorter beam machines provide better flexibility for complex shapes and tighter radii.
  • Bi-axial Testing Table:  A self-built testing table is used to test the quality and strength of incoming material up to 500 mm x 500 mm in size. Tensile force is applied in orthogonal directions by a hydraulic pump. The testing table is also used to check welded seams.
  • Mono-axial Universal Testing Machine:  This state of the art computer controlled machine is used daily to monitor material quality, to test welds and to develop new welding processes. It has a maximum testing power of 20 KN (4,500 lbs) and performs quality checks according to DIN 9000.
  • Packaging and Transport:  Our dispatch department skillfully packs the finished materials in special containers ensuring that correct quantities are delivered to the job site in pristine condition and in the prescribed sequence.

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