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Our 1800 m2 production hall in Edersleben, Germany, is strategically located for availability of skilled labor and fast transportation. The highly efficient factory is equipped with the most sophisticated and modern equipment available, allowing the production of varied membrane materials into unique architectural forms. Up to three shifts can be flexibly employed to ensure compliance to the most demanding client schedules, and the facility has the capacity to fabricate over 150,000 m2 of membranes per annum. The in-house engineering team applies material and production knowledge to find solutions to the most challenging membrane applications. Three-dimensional, computerized models are used to create cutting patterns for the membranes, which are then cut with extreme precision by CAD driven cutters. Patterns are welded into final form using high precision welding machines. These high-tech machines are computer monitored, enabling quality control through the entire manufacturing process. Packaging is customer driven.

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